Franco Prina – University of Turin
Rosalba Altopiedi – University of Turin
Roberta Bosisio – University of Turin
Raffaella Camoleto – University of Turin
Alberto Salomone – University of Turin
Franca Beccaria -Eclectica, Institute for training and research – Turin
Enrico Petrilli – University of Milano Bicocca
Augusto Consoli – Asl TO5 – Turin
Sabrina Molinaro – CNR Pisa
Karen Duke – Middlesex University – London
Betsy Thom – Middlesex University – London
Bagga Bjerge – Aarhus University
Sidsel Karsberg – Aarhus University
Mads Uffe Pedersen – Aarhus University
Esben Houborg – Aarhus University
Torsten Kolind – Aarhus University
Morten Hesse – Aarhus Universitet
Birgitte Thylstrp – Aarhus Universitet
Kirsten Frederiksen – Aarhus Universitet
Kristine Rømer Thomsen –Aarhus University
Morgan Bancroft – Aarhus University
Marica Ferri – European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Abuse – Lisbon